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During the development of your website, we strategically plan out the workflow of the CMS to fit your needs, based on our discussions, the website schematic and the content that needs to be delivered to your readers. We then develop the necessary CMS records and organize them in a strategic, thoughtful workflow and create predefined settings to make the task of creating and editing website content as easy and intuitive as possible for you and your staff.

We provide automated site features that will help your staff organize content simply by checking a box, or placing content into specific areas within the CMS and your site's page will adjust automatically, thereby eliminating any conspicuous open spaces. In addition, we develop predefined styles and color schemes that makes it simple to produce professional looking websites, with minimal time and effort. You have 100% control over image upload sizes and we also provide predefined image sizes that fit perfectly within your website's layout and design when adding them to your pages.

Predefined font and image sizes, styles and color schemes help ensure a consistent and professional look throughout your entire website, and we make the entire process simple and easy to use.

If you have every used Yahoo mail, Gmail or Hotmail - you already have the basic skill sets you'll need to use our CMS and start creating great looking content for your website.

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