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Site-Wide Module Integration

Municipal Web Services has a strong lineup of powerful CMS modules developed by our staff to be fully integrated with our content management solution - based on our client's website feature needs. What this means to you are better search results, better site-wide content delivery and website pages that load faster.

In addition, our Add-on Modules are capabile of cross-integration to deliver thematic content based on content topic relationships and the ability to multi purpose content throughout your entire website. This reduces your need to edit multiple site pages to deliver the same message in multiple locations on your website, and just as important, this helps ensure outdated materials are removed from your site by editing one record within the CMS.

Our CMS provides greater opportunities for you to deliver relevant content to site visitors based on the site pages they visit most and target them based on content interest.

Site-wide Search Engine that actually produces detailed accurate search results, that the user will find helpful and useful.

Calendar and events listings that are fully integrated with your entire website, thereby delivering calendar and event details on specific site pages based on content relationship. So if a reader is visiting the "Residence or Visitor's" section of your website, you'll have the ability to deliver event details about upcoming festivals, parades, and other relevant news and entertainment opportunities.

Economic Development and Business Listings features that allow you to list local businesses, available sites and buildings, with an option for an integrated geo mapping system that allows site visitors to not only see the listings, but also locate the listing on a Google power geo map, and search for businesses, sites and buildings - based on categories and/or keywords.

Photo Gallery and Video Gallery that is fully integrated with your website, and just as the calendar and events listings, you'll have the ability to display photos and videos throughout your website on specific site pages based on thematic content relationship. It's as simple as loading your photo or video and selection from a list of categories and our CMS takes care of the rest.

We offer many advanced CMS features and modules that can enhance your website, deliver content based on visitor interest and engage the reader.

Basic CMS Modules

  • Basic Available Sites and Building Listings
  • Basic Business Listings
  • Basic Photo Gallery
  • Basic Video Consule
  • Custom Designed Email Messaging
  • Contact Forms
  • CSV Content Exports
  • Database Auto Backups
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • In-Page Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Integrated Email Marketing & Communications
  • Local Weather
  • News & Blogs with Search
  • News & Blogs Ticker
  • QR Code Generator
  • RSS Feeds
  • Site-Wide Search Engine (Fully Integrated)
  • Site-Wide Organization Management Tools
  • Slide Shows
  • Social Sharing Tools
  • Testimonials
  • Website Emergency Alerts

Advanced CMS Modules

  • Automated Administrative Notifications
  • Area Attractions, Shop, Dine, Stay Listings with Search & Geo Mapping
  • Available Sites and Buildings with Search & Geo Mapping
  • Business Listings with Search & Geo Mapping
  • Calendar & Events with Search & Geo Mapping
  • Case Studies with Search
  • Custom Site Feature Development
  • Forms & Documents Download Center with Search
  • Help Desk Issue Report Ticket System with Knowledge Base
  • Interactive Geo Mapping with Search
  • Photo Gallery with Search & Geo Mapping
  • Product Listings with Search
  • Registration Forms
  • SEO Tools
  • Site Memberships
  • Site-Wide Document Downloads
  • Staff Directory & Biographies with Search
  • Video Gallery with Search

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