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Brand Assessment & Development

If your city, town or village does not have an existing brand strategy, logo or city seal, or if you need a new approach to the design of your logo and city branding, we can help with a brand assessment to discover, define and accurately communicate the core values, quality of life and what makes your city unique.

  • Define purpose of service, the vision and values your municipality and employees adhere to and actions taken to deliver your promise.
  • Define why your city brand is worth believing in and how it represents the city and community.
  • Define targeted audience and existing strategies to reach them, win them over and retain their patronage and loyalty.
  • Define the unique qualities of your city, the history, area attractions and the relevance for your targeted audience.
  • Define existing strategies for communicating your city's brand, goals and objectives.
  • Identify brand attributes that best describe your city and community. Part of what makes your brand memorable.
  • Identify keywords and key-phrases unique to your city.
  • Set goals and objectives to define your city's brand path, build your SEO and reach your targeted audience.

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