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An informative, attractive website that entices site visitors to stay longer to learn about your city, town or village can attract those seeking to vacation in your area, and attract business owners who are researching your region for relocation, and in turn provide more opportunities for income and growth to local businesses and the community.

A poorly-structured website that is difficult to navigate, contains out-dated information and documents, or makes information hard to find can quickly drive website visitors away.

Municipal Web Services' municipal websites are developed for ease of use for both the site visitor, the business owner, and the municipality's CMS site administrators. Site visitors can quickly find the information they are seeking and spend more time learning about your region, local offerings and attractions.

We offer one of the best built-in website search engines around - bar none!  When you search for something on a website powered by Municipal Web Services, you can rest assured knowing website visitors will easily find the information they are seeking.

Our websites are also developed to deliver thematic content across all site pages with common themes, based on how you wish to display content. The idea behind this concept is that information (such as downloadable files, news stories, photos) can be posted once within the CMS, and designated to appear on any page or multiple pages. Best of all, this feature is fully automated. It reduces the amount of effort and time your site administrator needs to put into managing your municipal website and helps to keep the site free of out-of-date information.

Municipal Web Services also offers web maintenance plans, so if you feel you need help, or if there's no one on staff to manage your website, we are here to help and ready to serve.

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