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Expansion Add-ons

One of the additional benefits of a Municipal Web Services municipal website is that they're powered by PageCraftCMS - which offers a lineup of powerful Add-on expansion modules that are developed specific for PageCraftCMS. Therefore each Add-on Module is 100% fully integrable with our CMS, and all your website features are managed directly from within PageCraftCMS. So there's no need to log into multiple web-based solutions to manage various systems that power your website.

We offer a powerful CMS solution that is fully expandable, with a line-up of sophisticated Add-ons Modules - developed to provide the best user experience and functionality.

Each Add-on Module is developed for ease of use, intelligently designed to deliver a great user experience and accuracy of content delivery, optimized for outstanding search engine performance and adheres to W3C best practices.

Below is a list of our core Add-on Modules to expande the functionality of your website as it needs to grow. Don't see an Add-on Module you need? No problem, we can develop any website feature you need to achieve your desired goals and objectives. In addition, we are constantly research new ways to develop and deliver new website features, so if you have a suggestion - please let us know. Our goal is to provide our customers with the very best in website features, web-based solutions and web services.

Basic CMS Modules

  • Basic Available Sites and Building Listings
  • Basic Business Listings
  • Basic Photo Gallery
  • Basic Video Consule
  • Custom Designed Email Messaging
  • Contact Forms
  • CSV Content Exports
  • Database Auto Backups
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • In-Page Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Integrated Email Marketing & Communications
  • Local Weather
  • News & Blogs with Search
  • News & Blogs Ticker
  • QR Code Generator
  • RSS Feeds
  • Site-Wide Search Engine (Fully Integrated)
  • Site-Wide Organization Management Tools
  • Slide Shows
  • Social Sharing Tools
  • Testimonials
  • Website Emergency Alerts

Advanced CMS Modules

  • Automated Administrative Notifications
  • Area Attractions, Shop, Dine, Stay Listings with Search & Geo Mapping
  • Available Sites and Buildings with Search & Geo Mapping
  • Business Listings with Search & Geo Mapping
  • Calendar & Events with Search & Geo Mapping
  • Case Studies with Search
  • Custom Site Feature Development
  • Forms & Documents Download Center with Search
  • Help Desk Issue Report Ticket System with Knowledge Base
  • Interactive Geo Mapping with Search
  • Photo Gallery with Search & Geo Mapping
  • Product Listings with Search
  • Registration Forms
  • SEO Tools
  • Site Memberships
  • Site-Wide Document Downloads
  • Staff Directory & Biographies with Search
  • Video Gallery with Search

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