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A website designed by Municipal Web Services is a valuable resource to residents within your community. Our websites are simple to navigate and tools for residents to quickly access useful information in just a few clicks. We design comprehensive websites that cover city government and departments, utility information, park and recreation, city events, and any other information your municipality wishes to provide to its citizens. Our Calendar Module keeps residents aware of upcoming city council meetings, festivals, events, government holidays and any other important dates.

We offer several site-enhancing features that are beneficial to both city website administrators and residents alike. Our Help Desk Module allows residents to search a built-in knowledge base for answers to frequently asked questions, or submit a question to the appropriate city department if an answer cannot be found. This lightens the workload of municipal employees tasked with answering questions by telephone.

Our websites allow residents to search for downloadable documents on one common "Forms & Downloadables" site page, as well as posting the documents on the pages of their appropriate departments - through association. A document needs only to be posted once to appear on more than one web page, thus eliminating redundancy and ensuring that each web page hosts the most current version of a form or document. Administrative staff can delete or update a document once, and in each instance where the document appears, it will be deleted or updated. Residents can be confident that they are obtaining up-to-date information from their municipality and in turn be more apt to see your municipal website as a valuable resource and visit more frequently.

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