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Message Review

When you choose Municipal Web Services, we perform an extensive review of your existing website message. The purpose of the website message review is to discover all we can learn about your city, the city staff, city council and board members, the community, local businesses, history, area attractions and anything else you have communicated on your existing website.

New ways to better engage readers & improve your message

Next we look at how you have delivered your message, discover areas that need improvement and develop a strategy to deliver the message of the city in new ways to better engage readers. We use proven methods to improve your message performance in Google and other search results.

In some cases your message may be in need of copy editing to correct grammar, spelling mistakes and improve message clarity. In cases such as these, we offer comprehensive copy writing services to improve your message, develop strategic keywords and key phrases and optimize your message. The result is a clear, concise message that will engage readers and greatly improve your SEO and organic search results.

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