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Discovery & Consulting

Web Discovery

When you choose Municipal Web Services as your web development municipal services company, we'll perform a thorough review of your existing website to discover its strengths and we'll pinpoint areas where your site may be falling short. You're provided with our web discovery questionnaires to help us learn more about what your city means to you and your vision for the future of your website.

Every city, town, village and county has its own unique set of challenges, goals and objectives. In many cases our clients already have valuable resources that exist on their present websites and have other sources of municipal documentation they wish to communicate. In other cases, they need help developing new content with a fresh message that effectively communicates their message to reach their audience.

While most municipalities know what they need to communicate and who they wish to reach, there are instances when a fresh set of eyes can help identify areas of strength and weakness. We can help your municipality strengthen its message and broaden its reach by making you aware of opportunities that will help communicate your message more effectively.

Website Consulting

After a thorough review of your existing website, research of area municipalities and a review of the answers you've provided in the web discovery questionnaires, Municipal Web Services provides in-depth consulting with your team. We present an analysis of our findings and work with you and your team to develop the right web strategy to meet your city's unique challenges, reach your goals and objectives.

Overview of Process

  • Review of existing website
  • Discovery of strengths and weaknesses
  • Review of Web Discovery questionnaires
  • Analysis of our findings
  • Development of a strategic plan and proposed solutions
  • Development of a website schematic, proposed site features and the method of content delivery
  • Suggest how to reach your audience more effectively and keep them engaged.

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