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City Website Coordinator

Once the web site design process begins, you will be asked to assign your "city website coordinators" for your city - typical one to three personnel. The city website coordinator/s will be our one point of contact for all materials delivered, all website design and development requests, content changes and communications. This greatly reduces and/or eliminate confusion and miscommunications.

The city website coordinator/s will reach out to city departments to gather and/or create any necessary content and new materials the city wishes to deploy on the new website based on the approved site schematic and strategy. All materials submitted to Municipal Web Services, should come from the city website coordinator/s.

Municipal Web Services will provide the "city website coordinator/s" a folder directory that resembles the established site schematic, documents for placement of text and all city supplied materials will be gather into the site structure folders named after the site page the materials represent.

Each document supplied to Municipal Web Services should contain specific instructions regarding the placement of the information on the website. References to page names are a must. Materials should be submitted as Text files, Microsoft Word documents or Apple Pages, and Microsoft Excel documents for stats and charts. Images and art works should be submitted in the following file formats; jpg, png, gif, tiff, eps, or psd.

Website Review

Once your new city website is ready for review, we will provide your team with a link, whereas you will be able to view your website's design, the page structure and the information you provided in a development environment. After your initial site review, we'll apply necessary content and structural changes as needed, and request information for any site pages missing content.

Website Pre-Launch Review

Now that we've completed the development of your website and added all of your supplied information, we'll ask you and your team to review the entire site to ensure everything you want and need to say is present on your site. You'll have the opportunity to request minor changes to the delivery of content, and/or submit any remaining and/or revised site content.

Once your site is approved, we will begin the preparations for launching your new website. We'll also develop necessary code that helps redirect people who find your old website pages in search engines results and guide them to the new site pages based on content relationship.

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