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Site Schematic

Once we have completed the discovery and consulting phase, we then begin the process of creating your city's website schematic (think of this as a blueprint for the structure of your website). We'll recommend specific site features and methods of content delivery to help your municipality reach its targeted audience. Our goal is to provide the most effective web-based solutions and content delivery to keep your website visitors informed and engaged.

In-Depth Schematic & Strategic Web Strategy

At Municipal Web Services, we believe in making your website work hard for your city. We understand that many cities have limited human resources, so we strive to discover ways to help reduce the workload of your staff, while providing a dynamic solution to ensure all areas of your website stay fresh, current and relevant.

When we develop your site schematic, we thoroughly review the message and content you wish to deliver. We structure our proposed site schematics in a manner that provides solutions that allow your staff to do more with less time and effort - by developing an in-depth strategy for content delivery based on content relationship.

For example: If you choose to utilize our photo gallery feature on your website, we provide built-in solutions that allow you to not only upload your photos, but also display your photo on specific site pages based on thematic content relationships. So if your city's website has a site page dedicated to "Festivals and Parades", and your team has just uploaded a new parade photo to the gallery, you'll have the option to display the parade photo on the "Festivals and Parades" page by simply checking a box at the time you upload your new photo.

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