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Municipal Websites

Designed and developed for ease of use, and an outstanding resource for tourism, economic development and your community? Take a moment and discover how we can help you achieve your desired results!

Municipal Web Services

Municipal Web Services provides municipal website design, web development, and website management services to government municipal websites for counties, cities, towns and villages across America.

A city, town or village is the sum of all its counterparts. This includes the community, local businesses, the governing body, the history, culture, heritage, landmarks and area attractions. We believe an effective municipality website should communicate information from all its counterparts and bring the information together in one engaging, informative and useful municipal website.

Ready for a better municipal website? We have the web solutions you need, and the experience and skills to deliver!

Our objective is to make your city, town or village website work hard for the municipality and provide an extremely useful resource that is a source of pride within the community. We build municipal websites with easy-to-use navigation, clean and effective page structure, and dynamic website features that engage your audience and encourage them to visit your municipal website frequently.

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Website Design & Development

Every city, town, village and county has its own unique set of challenges, goals and objectives, and Municipal Web Services have the creative talents, web development skills and the experience to create the web-based solutions to fit your website unique needs. Municipal Web Services specializes in creative web design and the development of intelligent website solutions.

Graphic Design

Ready for creative graphic design to capture the eye of your audience, so they read your message and learn about your city, you’ve come to the right place. In addition to designing and developing great looking websites that work hard for your city, We also specializes in graphic design, illustrations, branding, logo design, design for printed materials and much more.

Web-based Solutions

We offer a powerful CMS solution that is fully expandable, with a line-up of sophisticated Add-ons Modules – developed to provide the best user experience and functionality. Each Add-on Module is developed for ease of use, intelligently designed to deliver a great user experience and accuracy of content delivery, optimized for outstanding search engine performance.

Core Benefits

You Have a Partner In Us

We’ll help you explore options and find the best solutions to fit your needs.

Quality Assurance

Our softwares go through rigorous testing to ensure a stable CMS solution and compatibility across multiple devices.


Our CMS solution is purpose built for your website needs, which translates to ease of use and a more productive staff.

Decreased Wait Times

Your time is precious, so we strive to deliver solutions and support in a timely fashion.

Options & Flexible

Over 50+ web-based solutions gives you the power of choice of many options for your website features.

Web Based

Easy-to-use, intuitive solutions to reduce the time and effort managing content.

In-House Support

When you need assistance, our in-house team located here in the USA are ready to assist.

Cost Effective

A cost-effective, easy to use, web-based solution – with no hidden cost or unexpected fees.

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